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Logan Leet: News/Journal

Logan Leet and the the Lie Returns! - June 3, 2015

After a two year hiatus, Logan returns with his band, The Lie, at Lexington, KY's Moontower Music Festival on August 29th. The Lie will be playing early on the bill, but there is an awesome lineup for the whole day. Check it out and get your tix at

Just an update from Logan... - July 16, 2013

Well, I'm not speedy, but I'm consistent. For those who didn't know, I'm back in the wine business in Louisville, KY as winemaker and GM at Old 502 Winery - downtown on 10th Street - the coolest little winery you've ever seen. Just now starting to get into a little performing again, so keep your eyes open for new venues and new friends. We had an awesome reunion of the Original Lie band at Old 502 in June with RL Bandy on drums, John Boardman on lead guitar, and Sean McLaughlin on bass - a good time was had by all - some old friends and some new friends along with a bunch of folks on the First Friday Trolley Hop route. When you're in the neighborhood, come check out the winery and say hello - there's always something fermenting...

End of an era... - February 14, 2012

Logan and his wife, Pam, have, as of February 7th, sold all their interest in Lovers Leap Vineyards and Winery. They'll miss seeing all the smiling faces of friends but will revel in the advancements made in the Kentucky wine industry during their tenure and will always be cheerleaders for wines from the Bluegrass! Keep your eyes open in coming months - with any luck you'll see some new music and appearances. Happy Valentines Day!

News from beyond... - January 19, 2009

Beyond where, I'm not sure. It's been a long time since I've posted so just a quick update for those of you that haven't heard. I, along with my wife Pam and the rest of our looney family have entered into an agreement to purchase Lovers Leap Vineyards and Winery in Lawrenceburg, KY. We've lived next to this winery for six years and have made a commitment to produce some fine wines out of this notable facility. If you've noticed a slowdown in my performance schedule over the last few months, this is why. But keep your eyes open - I'll still show up here and there. For instance, my favorite off-the-wall joint in Central Kentucky - Bullfrogs - is hosting me on March7th, so come on down to Herrington Lake and say hello!

He's Baaaack! - January 5, 2008

So it's looking like the surgery went better than expected and I'm back in the performance mode next week (January 12th, Saturday) at Merrick Inn in Lexington. I'll be in the Big Bar (the new one out back) from 6:30 until ?. If you can't come out and say hello then, I'm going to be there every Saturday (with a few exceptions) until April, when I'll move over to Fridays. Looking forward to seeing you!

Time Out - October 25, 2007

Well, it finally happened. Logan's blown out his shoulder delivering those blazing guitar licks, which means it's time to fix the old (and I do mean old)rotator cuff, which means no performances for a few months. He goes in for surgery on November 7th and will get to wear one of those really cool slings on his arm for awhile. It's deja vu from last year's saw incident. Keep your eyes on this site, though, because he'll be back with a vengeance after the first of the year. In the meantime, keep the cards and letters coming, download a little music and drop him an email - he'll have plenty of time to chat...

Paradigm Shift - June 21, 2007

Ok, so I'm sitting on the sofa in my farmhouse in (extremely) rural Anderson County, KY taking care of a little business when I get a Skype IM from my buddy living in Hong Kong, R.L. (did I mention that until he moved to the other side of the Earth he was my drummer/percussionist for the last 12 years or so?). And he tells me, in a politically correct way, that I never call, I never write, and gives me his local LEXINGTON, KY telephone number to reach him at his house - did I mention he lives in Hong Kong? Now, particularly for you younger souls who can't even identify fax machines, much less typewriters, I apologize for my wide-eyed fascination with this casual information being passed along to me in BF Anderson County, KY from Some Form OF China. But until a few months ago I couldn't get a broadband connection or dial-up faster than 24.6kps and I get it only now through the grace of the sattelite dish next to the washing machine on my front porch. My point here is that for those of us that have been around a few years there have some pretty amazing changes in the world in a relatively short time and, I think, it should be obvious to us that things like wars between countries hardly exist because countries hardly exist. Sorry, but it's a matter of time before these ancient boundaries are gone because they are pretty much just a matter of geography now. And the world doesn't really operate that way anymore, since you can (granted, with adequate means) be anywhere on planet Earth from anywhere else on planet Earth within about 24 hours(less with REALLY adequate means) or have a Lexington, KY telephone number at your house in Hong Kong.

Now, I didn't say we don't have wars. They just don't seem to be between traditional nations anymore as much as, say, diverse religious factions within a traditional country or competing automobile dealers. Let's face it. The world is smaller and faster to get around, communicatively and transportationally. We need to learn to work it out with the guy "next door" or ignore him like the crazy woman with the cats upstairs. And R.L., now I don't have an excuse.


Logan makes it to MySpace - June 10, 2007

Well, after much help from my kids and a few cocktails, I've finally got the page up and running at Come and hear a previously unrecorded song, Zelda, in raw demo form. Stop in and say hello and send me some comments! -Logan

Logan does Fridays at Merrick Inn - May 30, 2007

Logan is now playing regularly on Friday nights (with a couple of exceptions for previous engagements) at the legendary Merrick Inn patio in Lexington. Come join us for great food, drink and music. For more info visit

The LL Band beats the heat at WUKY Hamburger Hootenanny - May 29, 2007

Memorial Day was a hot one in Midway, KY but the LL Band had a great time entertaining a great group of a few hundred folks enjoying the beautiful surroundings at the Holly Hill Inn and their delicious fare. Our thanks again to Chis and Ouita Michel, the owners of Holly Hill and the wonderful crew at WUKY for including us! Click on PHOTOS for some pix.

Logan returns to Keeneland - May 10, 2007

A return for Logan to Keeneland Race Course on May 25th for an evening of music,food and simulcast racing!

Logan joins with WUKY-FM for Summer Fun! - May 2, 2007

The WUKY Hamburger Hootenanny fires up on Memorial Day 2007 with the Logan Leet Band and serving great picnic food and drink at the beautiful Holly Hill Inn in historic Midway, KY. Get the details and make reservations at and click on "Events"

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