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Logan Leet: Photos

The Lie's 6th Annual Final Farewell Tour
WUKY Concert at Holly Hill Inn Midway, KY
It must have been the Buffett songs
On the grand stage (front porch) of historic Holly Hill Inn
Yet more women disrobing at the WUKY Holly Hill Inn Concert - Memorial Day 2007
Evening of Champions 2007, Radisson Plaza, Lexington, KY
Sean McLaughlin - Bassist Extrordinaire
Lee Sabel - not just a drummer, a percussionist!
Logan on the Sonoma coast in California
With Karl and Melissa in Geyserville, CA enjoying the fruit of the vine
"Pops" and Cooper on the farm, December 2005
Camryn and "Pops" at the "homestead " on the Kentucky River
Fathers Day with "The Kids" - Corolla, NC