Paradigm Shift

Ok, so I'm sitting on the sofa in my farmhouse in (extremely) rural Anderson County, KY taking care of a little business when I get a Skype IM from my buddy living in Hong Kong, R.L. (did I mention that until he moved to the other side of the Earth he was my drummer/percussionist for the last 12 years or so?). And he tells me, in a politically correct way, that I never call, I never write, and gives me his local LEXINGTON, KY telephone number to reach him at his house - did I mention he lives in Hong Kong? Now, particularly for you younger souls who can't even identify fax machines, much less typewriters, I apologize for my wide-eyed fascination with this casual information being passed along to me in BF Anderson County, KY from Some Form OF China. But until a few months ago I couldn't get a broadband connection or dial-up faster than 24.6kps and I get it only now through the grace of the sattelite dish next to the washing machine on my front porch. My point here is that for those of us that have been around a few years there have some pretty amazing changes in the world in a relatively short time and, I think, it should be obvious to us that things like wars between countries hardly exist because countries hardly exist. Sorry, but it's a matter of time before these ancient boundaries are gone because they are pretty much just a matter of geography now. And the world doesn't really operate that way anymore, since you can (granted, with adequate means) be anywhere on planet Earth from anywhere else on planet Earth within about 24 hours(less with REALLY adequate means) or have a Lexington, KY telephone number at your house in Hong Kong. Now, I didn't say we don't have wars. They just don't seem to be between traditional nations anymore as much as, say, diverse religious factions within a traditional country or competing automobile dealers. Let's face it. The world is smaller and faster to get around, communicatively and transportationally. We need to learn to work it out with the guy "next door" or ignore him like the crazy woman with the cats upstairs. And R.L., now I don't have an excuse. -Logan

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