From the recording Zelda


My story said "June Bug got married Sunday"
He took Daisy's hand and they wed
His face shown like silver as he spoke his vows
and six hours later was dead

They met through some friends about nine months ago
Each thought that they'd found a catch
They both had big disability checks
and felony records to match

June Bug had tried to make rules of his own
He'd been in that big house before
When sin came a' calling he was always at home
and each time he opened the door

Then Daisy was cruising through Pine Knot last week
when Sheriff Bob flipped on his blues
She said this time she hadn't had nothing to drink
but she still blew a point one five two

She said, "I was just taking June home from the bar
he was bleeding bad after that fight"
But they've known her too long at the McCreary jail
so she laid in a cell for the night

So hang your head low, won't you Daisy
Grace passed you by while you slept
The fates you defied left a young widowed bride
Jesus wept

Now Daisy and June Bug got married next day
at the old preacher's house around noon
The reception was held in June's '89 Mustang
with an open bar opened too soon

Well they rode through the valleys and rode through the hills
with young Daisy fast at the wheel
They rode into darkness as June Bug would find
all of life's secrets revealed

His Mom got the call at the town funeral home
She'd gone to the wake of a friend
They said June was the only one thrown from the car
He held Daisy's hand 'til the end


Now I've covered some stories in these hills before
but none like poor Daisy's demise
She tried to convince me that she wasn't driving
but like most of her tales, it was lies

A fresh start was all that they'd wanted, she said
then I laid down my pad and my pen
and I saw through those bars eighteen years of despair
but she looked a lot younger then

Now there's lessons in dying and lessons in love
and I guess some in manslaughter, too
It’s the end of the line or a new life begun
It’s all in your own point of view