Middle Finger Tour Begins

Back on the road!

1/10/2024  After about 9 weeks, I'm back at it and I'd love to see you out and about enjoying some music with me.  Check out the calendar page for my upcoming shows!  I've truly missed you guys...

Had THIS thing removed today!

Chopsticks held it together 6 weeks

12/14/23  Looking like the surgery went as planned.  Thanks, Dr. Thirkannad, for the expert job reassembling my finger - and getting this contraption out today.  I'm all ready to resume the blazing guitar licks at the first of the year after a little therapy.  Check out my calendar for upcoming dates.  Hoping to see you guys out there in 2024!

Flipping off ...

10/29/2023  As luck (or lack thereof) would have it, I have broken a finger.  And, of course, it's the middle one.  I have been asked whether I can still perform (music) with this malady, and unfortunately I can't, due to using all of them in my guitar work.  Add to this that, as many know, I can't sing without playing a guitar :) and it means I'm out of comission for several weeks. I've had to cancel a bunch of shows through the end of the year and I'm bummed. But I'll try to post progress for those with a sick sense of humor.  I go in this week to get screwed (in the finger) during surgery and will hopefully get some good news for the future.  For those who have known me for decades, this is much better than the last time I managed a stupid finger accident, when I nearly cut all of them off my left hand.

This is more information than most would like to know, but at least it's cathartic for me to write it down…with only my left hand.  Thanks to all the great friends who have wished me well and created ways of turning this into dirty jokes - I love you all.  I look forward to giving you all the finger on the back side!


WFPK announces the release of Zelda.  Click below for the article:



Rapelling for Gilda's Club

Here it is - your chance to donate to one of the best causes in the area (or anywhere for that matter).  I'm risking life and limb by rappeling 18 stories from the top of the Louisville downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel at 9:00am on May 20, 2022.  Click here to donate to the cause!

The Next Chapter? 

Things have been quiet here while Pam and I have been sailing around South Florida for the last 15 months.  Along the way, we've spent more time than we would have planned in Key West, largely because it's a great place for friends and family to visit, on or off Brizo, our sailboat home.  Well, while staying here over the Holidays (and waiting for engine parts), I picked up a gig at Island Dogs Bar tomorrow afternoon, on Front Street in the center of harbor area.  We've figured there are worse places to be…

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