1. Zelda

From the recording Zelda


In Oscar’s house there’s no one home
My mind’s got too much room to roam
I should’ve brought a metronome
Just to mark the time
And every cliché I abuse
Just seems to make me more confused
Perhaps I simply need more booze
Just to make a rhyme

Oh Zelda, would you walk with me
Oh Zelda, would set me free
Oh Zelda, would you let me be with you
For a little while

Well, I sit here in my despair
Then I see her standing there
In an old tee shirt and her underwear
What a pretty sight
I speak of sirens on the shore
In a sad attempt at metaphor
Maybe for an hour or more
We could make it right


Zelda let me see you smile
Come take my hand, we’ll stroll another mile
It really doesn’t matter what we do
As long as I’m with you for a little while

Now I thought tunes would spring divine
Here in the house of Hammerstein
Come on, give me a sign
And help this along
And while I should be spinning words
My poetry gets more absurd
I rehash old songs I’ve heard
Just writing wrongs