1. Route 31

From the recording Zelda


He checked out at six forty-five
Wide awake but barely alive
He didn’t know her name and it was over before it’d begun
He’s lonely on Route thirty-one

He’s got a wife in Columbus they say
But he says she don’t care anyway
But no one’s telling her about all of his nights out on the run
She’s just lonely down on Route thirty-one

But ain’t it funny how we’re always looking to the other side
Still searching for a place in the sun
Never feeling the pain that we cause or see that turning tide
It’s still lonely on Route thirty-one

Luck would find him tonight in South Bend
While he’s waiting for his suffering to end
He thinks that he’s in love, Lord knows it could have been anyone
When you’re lonely on Route thirty-one

But ain’t it funny how the course of life tends to ebb and flow
We feel a chill as we stand in the sun
We find the new one long before we ever let the old one go
Such is life on Route thirty-one